Welcome to Kurumiya!


“Kurumiya” is a hot spring Inn located on Izu Oshima Island, Tokyo.
We are very proud of our open-air bath with its hot spring water flowing freely and directly from the source that can be found only at Kurumiya on the entire Oshima Island. Please fully enjoy the smooth thermal water and its rich health benefits in a healing atmosphere created by the sweet song of wild birds.
Our cuisine is served with plenty of fresh seafood. Please amuse yourself tasting the hot steaming dishes made of the local Oshima delicacies and the seasonal bounty of the earth and the sea to your heart’s content.


Basic Information

Trade Name Kurumiya
Address 245 Yaenomizu, Motomachi-aza, Oshima-cho, Tokyo 100-0101
Phone and Fax Phone: 04992-2-2551 / Fax: 04992-2-2552
Check-in / Check-out From 15:00PM / Up to 10:00AM

Spa (baths with hot spring water flowing freely and directly from the source)

Although the hot spring baths and their beneficial water are now the pride of Kurumiya, the water used to be nothing more than normal well water. The eruption of the Mihara Mountain on November 15, 1986 changed it into the hot spring water. Since it was officially recognized as hot spring water in the first year of the Heisei era, we named it “Hot Springs of Heisei.”
The temperature of the spring water is 44.1℃and the amount of water flowing out every minute is as abundant as 41 litters. We do not dilute it at all, so that the baths provide natural hot spring water 100% from the source. Please enjoy the “Hot Springs of Heisei” granted from god.

露天風呂 平成の湯 イメージ

Open-Air Bath

Our open-air bath is surrounded by nothing but the tranquil nature. The songs of wild birds and insects make you feel the seasonal beauty and soothe your soul. At night, you can see a star-filled sky.
・Bathing Hours: From 13:00PM to 21:00PM / From 6:00AM to 9:00AM

内風呂 イメージ

Indoor Bath

Since our baths are the only 100% natural hot springs on the Oshima Island, it is favored by many repeat guests who want to simply enjoy hot springs.
Please relax leisurely in our spacious indoor bath.
・ Bathing Hours: From 13:00PM to 23:00PM / From 5:00AM to 9:00AM

Visitors to the Spa

We also accept visitors only for the baths. Please feel free to stop by.

Bathing Hours:
Indoor Bath: From 13:00PM to 21:00PM
(reception up to 20:00PM)
Open-Air Bath: From13:00PMto21:00PM
From 6:00AM to 9:00AM

About the Hot Springs


Name of the spring source Hot Springs of Heisei
Temperature of spring water 44.1℃
Spring quality Sodium-chloride spring
(hypotonic neutral hyperthermal spring)
Indications of bathing Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffening, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, post-illness recovery, recovery from fatigue, promotion of health, cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases, physically weak children, chronic female disorders


Because we used to run a fish shop before, we have absolute confidence in knowledge about seafood and good eye for selecting fresh fish. It is our pride to purchase materials of the best quality and never compromise. All the seafood we serve is naturally-grown. Please savor the finest selected delicacies at Kurumiya.

A La Carte

We also have a-la-carte menu. (Reservation required.) Since we apply the market price for this menu, please ask us about the price beforehand.

  • 海の幸 樽盛 イメージ

    ● Bounty from the Sea on a Tub: a variety of fresh sashimi served on a hangiri (wooden tub).

  • 海の幸 皿盛 イメージ

    ● Bounty from the Sea on a Platter: a variety of fresh sashimi on a platter.

  • 活伊勢海老御造り イメージ

    ● Sashimi of Live Ise-ebi (Japanese spiny lobster)

  • ■伊勢海老の鬼がら焼き イメージ

    ● Ise-ebi Roasted in the Shell

  • 鮑の御造り イメージ

    ● Sashimi of Fresh Abalone

  • 鮑の踊焼き イメージ

    ● Grilled Live Abalone

  • トコブシ(煮付け、バター焼き、刺身、他)イメージ

    ● Tokobushi (Small abalone simmered, sautéed with butter, served in sashimi etc.)


After passing through the palm tree lined entrance path, you’ll find the building of Kurumiya Inn. The scenery of the ocean and Izu Peninsula from the lobby is breathtakingly beautiful and will make your trip a more memorable one. Please make yourself at home and comfortable while you stay at our lodge surrounded by the refreshing greenery.

Guest Rooms

All the guest rooms are Japanese-style rooms with a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are surrounded by nature and so quiet that the only sound you can hear is the voice of the wind and the song of birds. We encourage you to take a rest comfortably on the chairs by the window or on tatami (Japanese straw mats).

食事処 イメージ

Dining Hall

Our dining hall is looking out over the night view of the ocean and Oshima Island. The magnificent location of Oshima blessed with the Mother Nature is our big advantage. Please enjoy our dishes together with the wonderful scenery.

Services at the Front Desk

Please feel free to ask our receptionists if you have any questions. Various services are available at the front desk.

● The services below are some examples.

・ We arrange for a rental car with 10% discount at maximum.
・ We assort a stock of brochures of insular sightseeing and guiding information.
・ We provide free rental costume of “Anko-san,” a set of traditional local kimono of Oshima.
・ Connection to LAN is available at the lobby.

Overview of Facilities

Facilities Dining hall, indoor bath, open-air bath, 20 free parking spaces on a first-come, first-served basis
Total number of rooms 20 rooms
Guest room facilities Air-conditioner, TV, empty refrigerator, green tea with pot and tea set
Amenities A set of towels, yukata (Japanese style light cotton robe), toothbrush, toothpaste


食事処 イメージ

By Car

5 minutes from Oshima Airport
5 minutes from Motomachi Port
15 minutes from the Okada Port

By Boat

■ Tokai Kisen’s high speed vessel, “Jetfoil” from Takeshiba Pier, Hamamatsucho, Tokyo to Izu Oshima Island(1 hour and 45 min.)
■ High speed vessel, “Jetfoil” from Atami Port to Oshima (45 min.)
■ Night Liner from Takeshiba Pier, Hamamatsucho to Oshima (7 hours and 20 min.) A large passenger boat travels on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Tokaikisen Official HP>> http://www.tokaikisen.co.jp/
Okada Port and Motomachi Port are the only ports where the passenger boats arrive and/or depart in Izu Oshima Island.
The night large passenger boat basically comes to Okada Port. The port that the daytime jet ferry arrives depends on the condition of the waves in the morning.

By Airplane

New Central Airservice Tokyo (35min. from Chofu to Oshima by a Cessna plane)
・New Central Airservice Official HP>> http:/www.central-air.co.jp/